Thursday, September 17, 2015

1/24 Honda NSX Type R Berlina Black NA1 & Midnight Pearl NA2

Since the second generation of NSX is coming out soon, it's time to pay a tribute to the first generation of NSX's.

The NA1 NSX was the first model that I made, however the original one is already scrapped for parts.  It was this exact Tamiya model of NA1 NSX.  For the NA1 type R, I chose the berlina black color instead of the traditional champion white.  For the wheels, I felt the stock 15/16" wheels won't cut it.  I have swapped them with a set of Mugen MF10's in bronze.

For the NA2 model, I tried to replicate a color that I really like - the midnight pearl.  I have replaced the stock 17" wheels to Advan AVS 18" in gun metal and retained the original red H logo.

Putting them together as a gen 1 dual:


Thursday, September 10, 2015

[Forza concept model] 1/24 Lexus SC F V10 (featuring Lexus LFA Nur. package)

Here comes a model with a fantasy engine swap where the original concept was made possible in Xbox's Forza Motorsport 4.  I have always liked the Japanese coupes from the 90's, and the Lexus SC/Toyota Soarer JZZ30 is one of them.

In Xbox's Forza 4, engine swap was one of the tuning option for the cars with engines from the same manufacturer company.  For the Lexus SC, it can retrofit the LFA's 4.8L 1LR-GUE V10 engine.  Since the SC was the original flagship for Lexus and it has a long bonnet with traditional coupe shape, the V10 engine actually kind of suit the coupe's physical profile.  With 560PS on tap, it was a very decent upgrade for the SC in the game as well.  This has inspired me to turn the Forza car into a reality model(if I have money in real life I'd like to build a real one of course but that's out of the question for now).   I named this car - the SC F(concept from IS F, RC F)

In the game, I have a white SC with Vertex widebody kit and the LFA's V10.  You notice by displacement stating at 4.8L:

To replicate, I have used the Aoshima Vertex Soarer kit painted in whitest white hue and colored the front canards with carbon black to go more with the LFA Nurburgring theme with the "F" logo on the side.  The gun metal CR Kai wheels are of similar style as the original LFA wheel style as well.

I have also added a customer rear diffuser and a smaller GT wing for a more factory super car look.

The important piece, the 1LR-GUE V10 under the hood:

Interior modified with two tone black/blue LFA front seats and color matched rear seats:

I did not realized that the original LFA actually already have a digital dashboard just like the LFA.  This goes well with the 1LR-GUE because Lexus claims the engine revs too quick for the analog gauges to keep up.

Featuring the Whitest White LFA Nur. package:

Enjoy!  #Lexus #LFA #V10 #forza