Thursday, May 22, 2014

1/24 Aoshima Vertex Soarer TE3006 & [Original] Blitz ECR33 Skyline D1 drift car concept

This time it is a pair of D1GP drift car racers.  Can't believe these racers are actually reaching 10 years old and their real car age reaching 20.  Both are coupes from the mid 90's with a straight 6 turbocharged engine sending power to the rear wheels, heavily modified for D1 races in the mid 2000's.

However, one is a real life D1 racer, and one isn't(at least to my knowledge).  Here comes the real life race car first -
1/24 Aoshima Vertex Ridge Soarer TE3006 D1GP kit:

Custom roll cage that did not come with the kit inside(kit came with regular passenger interior):

This is the ECR33 D1 concept vehicle with the specs as follow:

  • Base kit is from 1/24 Aoshima ECR33 Skyline coupe
  • Decals, wheels, interior roll cage from 2005 NomuKen Blitz ER34 4 door D1GP
  • Modified front, side, rear D1 skirts from the Blitz ER34
  • Custom rear fender for wider rear wheels
  • Custom rear deck with GT wing from the Blitz ER34