Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1/24 Honda "real" NSX-R GT in Monte Carlo blue with engine

Another tribute to the first gen NSX since the second gen is released, I have custom made a NSX-R GT model using the Fujimi NA2 base kit.

A little brief history of the car, this NSX variant was produced by Honda in 2005(also marks the 10th anniversary for this car, time flys) for production-based race car homogenization requirements on the Japanese touring car series Super GT.  The original NSX production had already seized in 2003, so only 5 of these unicorns were made in 2005 so the NSX can still compete in the race series.  Later on tuner companies like Route KS and Spoon have replica body kits for the regular NSX's that you can buy and replicate.  Below is a picture of the real car  in Champion White for reference:

The reason I call my creation the "real" R GT is because I have made modification for it be more a homogenize road car of the Super GT car than the R GT car itself in real life.   Specs and modifications of my model:

  • 1/24 Fujimi Honda NSX-R NA2 base kit
  • 1/24 Tamiya Honda NSX JGTC GT500 3.5L V6 mounted longitudinally with ITB similar to the NSX Super GT race car
  • 2005 NA2 NSX Super GT race car headlights (from 1/24 Tamiya Honda Super GT race car)
  • 18" Volks Racing TE37, similar to the NSX Super GT race car
  • Wider air inlet on side
  • Custom NSX-R GT front lip
  • NSX Super GT car rear bumper and snorkel(from 1/24 Tamiya Honda Super GT race car) to finish up

The original NSX-R GT was suspected to only have visual add on parts with the same transverse mounted V6 as the road car.   So my model I decided to make it closer to the Super GT car by mounting the engine longitudinal.

Combining the snorkel and the ITB, if the real car have this it will breathe really well.

Pairing with my previously built Midnight Pearl NA2 NSX-R:


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1/24 Matchless Crowd Racing(MCR) Nissan Skyline GTR R33 & R34

Here comes another pair of famous tuned Skyline GTR show car from Japan, and it's the Mine's arch-nemesis - the Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) R33 and R34 Skyline GTR.  This pair of track ready GTR hones the circuit of Tsukaba and a lot of others in real life.

Staring off with the R33, the R33 does not get as much media coverage as the R34, however, it is still running around the circuit by MCR during track days.  Back in the late 90's, it was featured in one of the Best Motoring GTR battles, but unfortunately it lost to the Mine's R33.
With one of the more recent post and picture courtesy of, I used the updated MCR R33 to base on the modification for my R33 model since there was not a manufacturer kit for it.

Model specs and modification:
  • Fujimi R33 Skyline GTR base kit
  • Custom modified Nismo front bumper with Nismo front lip
  • Top secret carbon look hood
  • GT Wing and carbon trunk clips in the rear
  • 18" Enkei NT03 wheels
  • MCR decals

Comparing to the R33, the MCR R34 gets a lot more media coverage.  The car itself was featured in various Best Motoring and Hot Version battles that I'm sure many Skyline enthusiasts are familiar with it.  (Photo coutersy also from

Aoshima has it's own kit for it. so the modification on the one is minimal besides the Enkei GTC01(kit came with NT03 instead).

Together as a dual:


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday - 1/24 Mine's * Nismo R33 & R34 Skyline GTR 2006 model

Time for a throwback of a project which I have finished more than two years ago back in 2013 but I never posted.

The Mine's tuned cars are always famous their stock looks, just like the base white and blue/red livery show car I posted a year ago.   I always wonder, how would one look like with the Nismo factory body kits?  In the recent years and also featured in PlayStation's Gran Turismo 5 & 6, they started to have different colors with the grey livery.  I combined the two thoughts and the pair below is the end product.

First let's start off the Super Black R33, below is the list of modifications:

  • Tamiya R33 GTR base kit
  • Fujimi Nismo R33 front lip, side skirt and rear bumper
  • Nismo GTR-LM hood
  • 18" BBS LM wheels
  • Custom carbon front canards(similar to R34 model)
  • Custom carbon rear diffuser(similar to Nismo R33 R-tune part)
  • Hobby Design Mine's GTR livery

The Bayside Blue R34 is somewhat simpler in parts:
  • Aoshima Mine's R34 GTR base kit
  • Aoshima Nismo R34 hood, front bumper, side skirt, and rear spats
  • 19" Volks Racing wheels(forgot the model)


Thursday, September 17, 2015

1/24 Honda NSX Type R Berlina Black NA1 & Midnight Pearl NA2

Since the second generation of NSX is coming out soon, it's time to pay a tribute to the first generation of NSX's.

The NA1 NSX was the first model that I made, however the original one is already scrapped for parts.  It was this exact Tamiya model of NA1 NSX.  For the NA1 type R, I chose the berlina black color instead of the traditional champion white.  For the wheels, I felt the stock 15/16" wheels won't cut it.  I have swapped them with a set of Mugen MF10's in bronze.

For the NA2 model, I tried to replicate a color that I really like - the midnight pearl.  I have replaced the stock 17" wheels to Advan AVS 18" in gun metal and retained the original red H logo.

Putting them together as a gen 1 dual: