Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1/24 Initial D Project D Mazda FC3S and FD3S

To celebrate the end of the Initial D series, I have decided to make the Project D version of the Takahashi brothers' rides. Out of all the tuned cars, I personally like these dual the most.

First off, a random pic from my cell phone on my desk that I thought it looked pretty good:

Base kit for the FC is 1/24 Aoshima RE Amemiya FC3S with HPI hood and GT wing.  I used the Amemiya body kit because I felt it goes along with the FD and is subtle enough yet better looking than the stock  version in the series.  Shoes are 18" Advan RG, same as in the series.

Base kit for the FD is 1/24 Fujimi RE Amemiya FD3S Project D version.  The stock 17" wheels that came with the kit was too small so I modified it by using an 18" Aoshima Advan RG.